C v C

CourtHigh Court (Hong Kong)
Judgment Date27 March 1971
SubjectMatrimonial Causes
Judgement NumberHCMC184/1970
HCMC000184/<a href="https://vlex.co.uk/vid/australia-and-new-zealand-808372917">1970 C v</a>. C




ACTION No. 184 of 1970


C Petitioner
C Respondent


Coram: Briggs J. in Court

Date of Judgment: 27th March, 1971




1. This is an undefended divorce petition brought by the husband on the ground of cruelty, which came before me on Saturday March 20th. Having heard the evidence I adjourned in order to consider certain authorities placed before me by Mr. Swaine who appeared for the Petitioner. The case presents unusual characteristics and for reasons which will be evident, I will avoid using the names of the parties.

2. The parties were married in Hong Kong on October 3rd 1958, the Petitioner being then 25 and the Respondent 24. Neither party had been married before.

3. The married couple spent their honeymoon in Singapore. The Petitioner wished to consummate the marriage but the Respondent refused to have sexual intercourse. According to the Petitioner the reason she gave was that she did not wish to have a child since the parties could not afford the expense of a family. At that time the Petitioner was earning $600 per month which he says, was ample in 1958 for the expenses their household and of a child's upbringing.

4. The parties returned to Hong Kong and set up their matrimonial home in premises which already belonged to the Petitioner.

5. Though he did everything in his power to persuade her the Respondent continued to refuse sexual intercourse to the Petitioner. This he says affected his health. He lost weight, became nervous and could not sleep. He consulted a psychiatrist and received treatment at the end of 1959 but it did not give him any relief.

6. Meanwhile his wife persisted in her refusal to allow him his marital rights. She always gave as her reason that she was unwilling to bear a child. However in the early part of 1961 which is two and a half years after the marriage, she had a change of heart. According to the Petitioner she said that she now wanted to have a child. Accordingly she allowed him to have sexual intercourse with her to that end in the summer of 1961. This occurred on only four or five occasions. As soon as the Respondent realised that she was with child she refused any further attentions of the Petitioner.

7. A daughter was born on May 12th 1962. But the Respondent refused to allow the Petitioner to resume sexual intercourse though he begged her to allow him to act towards her as a normal husband does to a normal wife. She gave as her reason that she did not wish to have another child.

8. The health of the Petitioner deteriorated and he started a course of sleeping tablets, which has continued until now.

9. The Petitioner persisted in his requests and pointed out to the Respondent the effect her continued refusal was having on his health.

10. In the summer of 1964 the Respondent relented and allowed the Petitioner to have sexual intercourse to a very limited extent. The Petitioner gave two reasons for...

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